Lip fillers

(Enhance Your Lips)

Do you want to change the appearance of your lips and restore their fullness?

We perform lip fillers using injection techniques applying hyaluronic acid fillers. This technique allows us to dose the necessary amount of product for the desired results. It is most commonly performed on individuals with asymmetrical lips or thin lips without volume. However, the procedure is also recommended for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their lips and achieve facial symmetry.


Which products do we use?

We use trusted and renowned brands of hyaluronic fillers, including E.P.T.Q., Teosyal, and Fill me.


Who is an ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate is someone who wants to change the appearance of their lips and highlight their beauty.

Before the procedure, you will have a free consultation with our experts and they will advise you on the optimal type of filler for you and how the procedure will be performed. If you have previously had lip augmentation with fillers and are not satisfied with the results, we also offer filler dissolution services. Our goal is to achieve a natural and balanced look, and we always advise moderation to avoid the opposite effect.


What does the preparation and procedure look like?

We advise you to book a free consultation so our experts can assess your current condition and provide you with all the necessary information. During the consultation, you will discuss the desired look of your lips and the necessary amount of filler.

Before the treatment, it is advisable to remove makeup from the lips and the area around the lips and disinfect the area, which our staff will take care of.

We then apply an anaesthetic cream to help reduce the sensation of pain and stings. The procedure is brief, and during it, you may feel pain in the lips, which are very delicate and sensitive. 

The final step in the procedure is massaging the lips to distribute the fillers properly and applying gentle care to the lips.

Due to the nature of the procedure, the lips may be slightly swollen for the next 24 to 48 hours, so they may initially appear larger than agreed. 

Keep in mind that this is a preliminary reaction and that they will settle into the desired shape. It takes about two weeks for the fillers to distribute properly, and then the lips fully take on the desired shape.


Recovery instructions

It is important to follow the instructions you will receive after the procedure, and in case of any reactions, feel free to contact us for a check-up.

It is possible to develop a slight bruise at the injection site; if this occurs, you can gently apply an ice cube and move it over the bruise in circular motions.

For 48 hours after the treatment, avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and blood-thinning medications, such as Andol, Aspirin, Lupocet, and Paracetamol.

Immediately after the treatment, avoid applying creams and cosmetic products to the lips, and do not apply makeup to the lips the day after the treatment.

Do not rub or massage your lips yourself to avoid disturbing the filler distribution.


The price of lip fillers depends on the chosen type of product and is based on 1 ml of the product.

  • Lip filer, E.P.T.O.(1 ml)275,00 €
  • Lip filer, Fill me (1 ml)(1 ml)275,00 €
  • Lip filer, Teosyal(1 ml)375,00 €

What our patients say

Darija Lalić

Excellent impression after the first examination. Everyone was very approachable - from the receptionist to the doctor, who explained the situation to me in detail and answered all my questions. Excellent and fast communication via email and phone. The entire center in Eurodom looks top-notch!

Stjepan Stjepanović

All the best! Pleasant staff, professional service, and highly recommended!

Ankica Marković

Excellent expertise, professional approach, and the highest quality service all in one place.

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