Esthetic Treatments

(Let Your Skin Glow)

Our aesthetic services have been a part of our offerings since 2016 when Dr. Sandra introduced the first service, the PRGF plasma rejuvenation treatment.

Today, our team for non-invasive aesthetic services includes four doctors, and we continuously invest in education, technology, and products. Beautiful and well-cared-for skin is our passion, so we strive to follow trends in the beauty industry and provide you with the best.

Most Requested Esthetic Services

Lip fillers

Want to restore volume to your lips and enhance their shape? Filler treatments allow us to transform the appearance of your lips and restore their former fullness. Trust our experts and bring back your smile.

Botox treatment

Are you troubled by wrinkles or changes in your face and body? Botox treatment tightens the skin and smoothes wrinkles, also preventing unwanted facial expressions to stop wrinkles from deepening. Botox is not only for skin rejuvenation but also for smile correction and reducing excessive sweating. With an individualized treatment plan, our experts will remove everything that bothers you.

Anti-Age Treatments

What is the secret to glowing skin? The secret lies in non-invasive anti-age treatments that promote skin regeneration, reduce signs of ageing and help with certain skin conditions. Healthy and well-cared-for skin is also beautiful skin.


In our offer, you can find numerous aesthetic services as well as promotional combinations that include several treatments of the same service or a combination of several complementary services. Our prices are not a secret!

What Our Patients Say

Darija Lalić

Excellent impression after the first examination. Everyone was very approachable - from the receptionist to the doctor, who explained the situation to me in detail and answered all my questions. Excellent and fast communication via email and phone. The entire centre in Eurodom looks top-notch!

Stjepan Stjepanović

All the best! Pleasant staff, professional service, and highly recommended!

Ankica Marković

Excellent expertise, professional approach, and the highest quality service all in one place.

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(First Check-up)


We offer a free initial check-up for every patient. This provides all necessary information and a treatment or procedure plan, applicable to all dental and aesthetic treatments.